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SEO Can Help You Through The Recession

Times may be tough for high street businesses at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Sure, we’re in the middle of a recession but it is still possible for small businesses to not only stay afloat but also do very well!

No one knows this better than Rob Gibbons of Fresh Egg Client Zoo Jewelery. Rob used pay per click advertising to ensure Zoo’s status in Google for all their keywords. Since signing up to Fresh Egg for professional SEO, he’s been able to cancel those bills, and the Zoo site has seen a 30% increase in traffic and sales! The credit crunch is certainly causing more people to look online for bargains, but to get yourself on their radar you need the right attitude, a decent website and creative SEO.

SEO has made a huge amount of difference to the Zoo Jewelery site: “You’re so well covered in the organic listings you just don’t need to worry about pay per click any more!” says Rob. “We gave the whole site a makeover in September with SEO in mind, and it’s done so much better since then.”

The high street stores still underpin the business with their local personality and presence, but Rob also maintains that having a good online presence is essential too because it gives you credibility. Ideally, you should do both, and Zoo Jewelery is looking to start wholesaling to other stores as well which will help its online reputation.

So, while Zoo Jewelery has no plans to give up their high street stores, Rob maintains that any retail business would benefit from having a good website alongside those physical assets: “The combination of actual stores and a good website is important. The two go hand in hand, but the one clear lesson is seek help with SEO rather than try to go it alone. The only way to ensure success is to conduct SEO right from the start. The online market is just so competitive you won’t get anywhere without it unless you want to be drowning in pay per click bills!”

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