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SEO Articles Or Evergreen Articles

SEO articles or evergreen articles? Before we could answer this question, let us know first the difference of the two. What do we mean by SEO articles? How about evergreen articles? The concept is still the same, writing articles to earn money online, however the main focus here is, which articles do make us earn money more. SEO articles are those that we write containing keywords which rank high in search engines. Most of these though are those topics which are current events like a recent sex scandal by a famous actress that circulated online without her knowledge, or the recent celebration of a famous festival, the current Olympics games or a newly released movie. Yes, these articles do make us earn money fast, however, the length of time is usually shorter. People stops talking about the sex scandal, the Olympic competition ends and we have to wait another few years for the next one, new movie releases do come and the one you’ve written about starts to be buried on your blog.

Evergreen articles on the other hand are those topics which don’t die in time. These articles may not bring us fast money as fast as SEO articles, however, we would earn from them forever. These keywords are those people usually search for from time to time. These topics are those that we usually encounter in our daily lives. Some of these are about jobs, health, travel, how-to articles or tutorials, reference content, to name a few. I Usually, I write evergreen articles and do write SEO articles from time to time. My monthly passive income comes from the evergreen articles I’ve written few months or few years ago. They generate income monthly. I do earn from their pageviews and from google adsense. Though I don’t earn that much yet like the pros but the additional income has helped a lot in my monthly budget.

Now you know the difference between the two. It’s up to you which topics to write about. The secret in earning money online are patience, perseverance and time. The longer you write, the more your income will increase. Just be patient. In time, you will reach your target.