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SEO perspective of companies may be change by a new search engine

When companies begin a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, they typically focus on getting content to page one on Google or Yahoo or another search engine - but if a new engine's popularity takes off, these companies may need to start considering the algorithms of all search engines.

Last week Search3 ( announced the unveiling of its new search engine which it says allows users to search for terms from a variety of sites including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter and even eBay.

David Fireman, cofounder of the site, says the new "meta-search engine" works under the theory that "three is better than one" and says the company is working on tools that will help people track their search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

"SEO professionals can use Search3 as a tool to benchmark clients' performance on search engines, and measure the impact of website changes they make on their clients' search engine rankings," he said. "Search3 will sell convenience to SEO professionals."

The fact that the new site allows users to search on Twitter shows the growing importance of real-time search.

Although Twitter currently appears to be on top of the real-time search world, Facebook recently announced it is testing a new search function which it says will give users "up-to-the-minute" results.