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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons out there, who have a website, or have thought about getting a website. The one thing they haven’t thought about, is marketing. A number of websites that exist today can only be found when you search some really obscure terms as they have not looked to implement an internet marketing strategy. Maybe they don’t believe its worth it, or maybe its just because they’ve not got round to it, but they could be missing out on a significant number of bookings each day.

If, for example, a company where paying for adwords or pay per click advertising, then they could be spending an awful lot of money, really quickly. Google traffic estimator tells us that at a possible cost of £4.43 per click, with an estimated 87-109 per day, you could easily spend £490 each day. If you think there is on average, 30 days per month that is £14,700 as a possible spend to generate a few leads.

This is why marketing should really be carried out by internet marketing professionals who can understand your product and help you gain some really good natural listings across a number of phrases (remember the quote above was for 1 phrase only).

If you don’t run marketing, but believe the costings are too great, then don’t be scared by the numbers above. Search engine optimisation normally comes at a fraction of the above cost and instead of letting your website just go dormant, you may aswell turn it active and generate some really good leads. Don’t just let your website die, as you can see above, there is people out there searching for your product providing your internet marketing plan is implemented professionally.