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Best free Google SEO tools which every webmaster should use

I am sure there are hell lots of people inside and outside Google who hate SEO. However Google indeed loves SEO and has therefore provides 10 free Google SEO tools which everyone can use. All these tools are needed by the webmasters at some or all point in time. Whether they re used for keyword research or On-page SEO, I am sure by looking below, you will find several purposes solves by these tools:

1. Google Webmaster tools- It’s like a mechanic who looks after your website daily. These tools checks broken links, malware and other issues exposes search queries which lead to your pages along with click through statistics. Moreover these tools check your website speed.

2. Google Analytics- This is an important tool which all webmasters should use. If you are not aware of this, then it’s high time for you to wake up.

3. Google Website Optimizer- This tool is used to test different versions of your website pages and helps in determining the best converting ones. This process is also known as multivariate testing or A/B split testing.

4. Google Zeitgeist- This tool can prove to be quite handy in keyword research. It helps in showing the most popular queries which benefits you when you start your SEO campaign. Take the Zeitgeist popular keywords and then test some key phrases containing them with the other tools that will follow in this list. Also checkout the current Zeitgeist aka Hot Trends.

5. Google Trends- This tool allows you to compare traffic for popular search terms and websites to give you an idea which keyword is witnessing popularity and which is not.

6. Google Insights for Search- Insights for Search is like Google Trends on steroids. You can look up most keywords here, even those that aren’t popular at all. Compare up to five keywords and their ensuing traffic.

7. Google Traffic Estimator- You can use this tool to find out the approximate number of visitors a keyword can bring to your site.

8. Google Keyword Tool- It’s like a traffic evaluator which helps you identify whether you are going on the right track or not

9. Google Search Based Keyword Tool- This handy tool enables you to find out the related keywords to a website and is connected to Google Insights for Search.

10. Google Ad Planner- Google Ad Planner is like Alexa and SpyFu in one. Use it to find popular sites or your competitors for keyword intelligence or both.
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