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Crack Local Marketing Tips for a Successful Google Places Campaign

Being a dedicated online marketing consultant, I would like to share some of the insights about internet marketing and its prevalent and upcoming advances to prepare the upcoming businesses to better target their audiences and stay ahead in the online race.

I am starting with my first post on Local Marketing, especially because of its increasing impact. Local marketing, if done in a proper way can outperform your competitor and will put you ahead from all your online rivals. If you are looking to implement a local marketing campaign for your online business or doing it for one of your clients, then these tips will help you getting the best out of it. I am only sharing what I got to receive at a conference on local marketing, where experts shared their valuable thoughts and experiences:

•    Citations and Traditional SEO - Undoubtedly you are always after building links when it comes to traditional SEO. However if you are going to implement local marketing campaign then you want to spread your business data or information all across the web through different channels. To achieve this, citations act as the perfect source as they are vital for ranking algorithms from search engine (Google). It is also important to understand the real value of the citations through:
a.    Pagerank of the sub domain citation
b.    Quality of content and keyword density on the page
c.    Number of backlinks to the page

One more thing to remember is that traditional SEO has got an important role to play in Local Marketing as the following elements need to be considered during local SEO campaign:
•    Meta Tags
•    Proper URL Structure
•    Targeted keywords within the Content
•    Deep Linking to Location Pages
•    Back Links with anchor texts

Apart from the above things, other activities which have a strong role to play in a local marketing campaign include reviews on third party websites, ratings on Google Places, photos and videos and events and coupons. Reviews especially, can create a positive image in the mind of visitors acting as potential customers.

Reviews have the power to encourage and enhance user interaction, supplies fresh, positive content to the search engines and encourage users to share your business on social platforms, which in a way spreads your name through different channels.

Images and Videos Optimization

I would like to share with you all the most easiest and effective way to optimize your images and videos online, which can further improve your local marketing campaign results.
•    Always add all 10 photos allowed on Google Places while mentioning your business details
•    Always update your photos regularly
•    A little trick to save your images with a file name that has your business name and the targeted keyword.
To Summarize altogether, if you are looking to maximize the use of Google Places page as part of your local marketing strategy, then you should keep all the above discussed points in mind during implementation of your campaign. I hope this post will prove useful to you.