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Bing best for SEO keyword research

Search newcomer Bing might offer the best tools on the market when it comes to highlighting current search trends, it has been suggested.

According to Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch, Bing's xRank feature seems to outperform Google Trends for displaying the most up-to-date trends in search queries, information that may aid companies' search engine optimisation campaigns.

While Google Trends has a three-day lag on all keywords except the most popular ones, xRank is able to display information that is current as of today, he comments.

For example, conducting a search for golfer Ricky Barnes yesterday (June 21st) on xRank shows that web users prompted a spike in queries for the sportsman after leading the US Open over the weekend.

However, Google Trends had no data for the search as of yesterday.

"One feature where Microsoft seems to be edging out Google is with displaying recent search trends," Mr Schonfeld commented.

"This may not be a major feature, but it shows a weakness in Google's armour."

Bing accounted for 12.1 per cent of US search results pages in its second week, up from 9.1 per cent in the week prior to its official launch, according to comScore.