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How to avoid confusing your website visitors

Your website is your online business card giving your visitors the details about your offerings, information and resources, and most importantly the reasons they should purchase your goods and services. Once a new potential customer lands at your home page your site has approximately 20-30 seconds to make a positive Impression upon them, and then urge them with your helpful content to take your calls to action.

Even if your website is fully SEO optimized for Google and the other major search engines, if your site layout isn’t easy to use and navigate chances are you will be loosing those new potential customers when they click the back button on their web browser.

Is your site user friendly?
First and foremost your sites layout needs to have a straightforward design, with easy to see and use menu navigation, hyperlinks and content. Avoid using font sizes smaller than 10. If you are offering downloadable items, then make your download links prominent.

Don’t use Flash or other “splash” pages as your site home page. They are actually irritating distractions to many people and do not actually serve an important purpose. They are also inconvenient to web visitors since these intros or splash pages tend to load slowly, and a potential customers who has a slow Internet connection will simple click back and choose another website.

Websites with a large amount of animated images or excessive click ads actually drive potential customers away. When a visitor clicks through from the SERPs (search engine results pages) they are expecting to see the information they were searching for, not a maze of click ads wrapped around limited content or flashing banners etc. Make your home page the showcase for your goods and services offerings with easy to read headings for each topic you cover. Stay away from drop down menu’s as not only are they not SEO friendly, they can make finding specific information a potential customer is looking for difficult. Always use text based linking menus.

Enhance the user experience
Giving your potential customers what they want will always insure happy web visitors, and happy web visitors equal more sales! Make it easy to for your visitors to find the information that need by adding the ability to search your site. There are many free scripts and programs that you can deploy in minutes to your site. Using a text based sitemap with large title description headings for each webpage on your site will also make finding the information your visitors want easier.

If you are unsure what your visitors and customers want and need, try adding a simple user poll or survey on your website. Asking for your visitor’s opinions will help fine-tune your sites layout and also empower your visitors with the knowledge that you are truly interested in what is important to them.

Valuable information can also be found by investigating your top competitors. Knowing how their site layout and presentation of information is offered to their visitors can give you fresh ideas for making your more user friendly.

Keep it simple, friendly and exciting
With the possibilities in website design almost limitless, there is no exact right and wrong method in delivering your business information to your potential customers, but by asking for your visitors opinions, and looking at your website from your visitors point of view you will gained valuable insights that will enable you to find the right balance of ease of use and profession

Author: Rob Fleming