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Expert says domain names and SEO should come together

Although companies generally want to have a website URL that is similar to their name - especially if they have a strong brand - that's not always the case, but one search engine optimization (SEO) expert says a clear domain name is important and can merge with the world of SEO.

Writing for Domain Name Wire, HubShout co-founder Adam Seltzer writes that there is a significant amount of visitors who come to a site from "type-in" traffic. This means people are literally typing a name into an address bar in the hope they will find what they're looking for.

But with the amount of .com domain names disappearing every day, Seltzer says people who invest in domains should get into the practice of search engine optimization (SEO).

"[M]y first reaction is that domainers should be embracing SEO as the next-generation of domain name parking strategies to increase revenue," Seltzer wrote.

"The parked domains I have visited usually have very simple content structures and are really not built for SEO," he continued. "To me this seems like a huge missed opportunity."

Seltzer's thoughts on "type-in" traffic were illustrated late last year when an ad campaign from Burger King missed out on online traffic because many people typed in the wrong URL. The fast-food chain's Whopper Virgins campaign included a microsite, but according to a report last December from AdvertisingAge, many people missed the site because they would type in "whopper virgin" - minus the "s" - as the domain name or into a Google search. ADNFCR-1513-ID-19292379-ADNFCR