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Boost Your Search Engine Optimization Process With Blogs

One of the best ways to improve search engine optimization (SEO) is to constantly create original content for a website, and one expert says a great way to do that is through blogging.

Writing at Search Engine Watch, Mark Jackson says that search engines like to see updated content, but when you put social networking in the mix to help promote this content, it can dramatically improve search engine optimization (SEO).

When deciding to blog, Jackson says a decision has to be made to use either a subdomain, subdirectory or a separate domain all together. Which works best depends on what the goal is.

Adding the blog to a subdirectory is something Jackson says he recommends to most clients, and works best to build authority. But some can't add a subdirectory to their site, meaning a subdomain might be a good alternative.

However, a subdomain is seen as a separate site by search engines, so it might not be as ideal as a subdirectory. But a third option is a completely separate domain that links back to a main site. If done properly it can help build the rank for the main site.