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Link Wheel Service - Increase your website traffic with link wheel strategy

You might wonder how most of the websites don't come in the first ten searches in search engines though they had the relevant keywords. The answer is simple it is the lack of link wheel strategy and SEO optimization. A website needs to be listed on the first page of the search results in order to increase the traffic and ranking. This will increase the number of customers to the website thereby making it popular and successful. Most of the people think that traffic is a major factor to be considered in order to boost the sales or get new orders through their website.

Link wheel is one of the effective search engine optimization method which helps to increase the traffic for your website. A link wheel is a series of back links that links to the website directly or interlinked to other sites. You may wonder why link building to various sites is very important. The major reason is that other sites like knoll, hub pages have a high page rank and hence these sites come in the top ten searches of various search engines. Since these sites have higher ranking than your website you need to build back links in these kinds of sites to increase the traffic and ranking of your website.

Why should you get a Web 2.0 link wheel developed?
With a link wheel, you will gain authority from within the major search engines. Chances are you will gain a significant PR boost, Traffic, and SERP ranking by using a link wheel as part of a balanced link building campaign.

Howie Schwartz, one of the pioneers of link wheel development has used link wheels as a tried and tested method for increasing search engine exposure.

You will gain authority from all these high PR and powerful web 2.0 platforms!

Developing A Link Wheel

An Authority Link Wheel
This is one of the most imaginative ways of using web 2.0 web sites. Here is the idea: 6 independent web 2.0 sites, all with elevated Page Rank Values, include a back link to your web site. And each of the "spokes" adds a backlink to it's neighbor - creating the wheel. The "hub" is any page on your website.

The power comes with from a extremely focused group of web sites, with high Page Ranks, all focusing on your site. The purpose is to focus an extensive amount of authority on one keyword phrase at a time - to push that phrase up in the search engines.

Adding Content
On every one of the 6 sites on the outside wheel we add content (preferably unique articles optimized around one theme - a unique keyword phrase. Let's say your main site is about pet supplies. And on one of the pages on your site you talk about pet grooming. What we would do is to write 6 articles dealing with "pet grooming". These could be 6 totally different articles on pet grooming or one article "spun" 6 times so that it is effectively unique content. Within each of the 6 articles we would add two links. One to our "pet grooming" page on our web site and one to the next spoke

Basic Link Wheel

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