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Checking a Long Term Link

As far as search engine optimization is concerned and as far as many SEO Experts believe and has observed, the two main factors that an SEO consultant should focus on and these are content and links. The former means the development of the text that would be posted on the target website and that such should be unique and well written for users to read and for the search engines to easily crawl and “understand”.

With regards to link building one popular practice is to comment on blogs with high PR ranking with the hope that your comment will be accepted and thus allowing you to get a backlink from such website. Indeed the use of quality content and backlinks are the major factors that would contribute to the success of such SEO campaign. With regards to back-linking one must choose wisely on to what website should be targeted for linking, and determine whether the link will last for a long term or not. It is important for SEO firms to incorporate the factor of longevity in terms of the existence of the link. However, the question is this, how does one determine whether the link would be existent for a long time or not? The following are some of the ways of determining the quality of the link:

1. The topics or the target domains should be consistent with the general thrust or theme of the website. This would mean that the target domains and the topics contained within their website should be closely related to the theme or business page that you are promoting. Mismatch in the theme with the sites being linked to would mean that your links would only have temporary effects and would later on diminish.

2. A long term link is also one that would be existing as long as the page or the website is existing. This means that when you link to a website make sure that your link will become a vital part of the website that the administrators of the website you are linking to will never delete such link.

3. The website you are getting your link from must be observed constantly on whether or not such website is also improving its rankings. This is because if the website you are linking to is constantly trending upward then such website can be regarded as authority and or significant as compared to a website that is on a constant decline which means that no improvement is being incorporated thus having a link from such site might only prove to be detrimental your link building campaign.