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SEO mistakes that can cost you dearly

SEO is a complicated process; even the smallest of mistakes made by you can cost you dearly. It is important to avoid them; hence you should be able to identify the various SEO mistakes that can prove to be really costly in the long run.

* Wrong Page Title
The first thing encountered by the search engine crawlers on a web page is its title. Your title tells the search engine crawlers as to what the web page is all about. Using deceptive or wrong titles can cause a problem. Also it is better to use the keywords in the title and be really clear.

* Wrong selection of keywords
Using the wrong keywords and key phrases can take the website’s content’s focus away from the website’s target audience. It is not good to just assume the keywords; instead it makes perfect sense to find the precise keywords by using the commercial keyword-analysis tools.

* Absence of text content
The absence of enough text causes confusion for the search engines to understand what kind of product or services your website is offering.

* Presence of wrong content
The presence of wrong content will send out wrong information about the website to the search engines. Mostly the wrong content is caused by using the wrong keywords.

* Choosing the wrong target audience
Identifying the wrong audience can cause a lot of problems. It will surely steer away the SEO away from the right path and can result in the selection of the wrong keywords and even misdirected search engine campaigns.

* Improper use of animations and graphics
The improper use of animations and graphics, especially in terms of quantity does not help. The search engine crawlers simply look for the text not for the graphics or animations.

* Absence/wrong use of the header tags
The header tags highlight the gist of a particular web page. Their absence hence is not good at all; also it is important that one should not forget to use the important keywords within the header tags.

* Excessive keywords
Excess of everything is bad, be it keywords or key phrases. Excessive use of keywords can cause the search engines to blacklist a website. The keywords should be simply used in the beginning, within the title and in the header tags as an anchor text.

* Indiscriminate linking
Indiscriminate linking can cause severe harm to a website‘s ranking with the various search engines. You should avoid linking to the various ‘bad’ websites as defined by the search engines.

* Not writing blog posts
Not writing the blog posts may not directly affect the rankings, but it can surely generate some extra traffic to your website. Hence, not writing the blog posts can be a SEO mistake which can cost you dearly.