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How to Get More Fans on Facebook Page

After creating your Facebook fan page, the next task is how to get more and more fans to click ‘like' on your fan page. You have to give your fans what they admire or love most, so that they can stay interested in your comments and posts and, most important of all, convince them to visit your website.

The following are the simplest tips on how you can do this with much ease and give your business a very easy and quick step up.

Setting up a Large Profile Photo: the recommended standard if you want to attract more and more fans is the 600 x 200 pixels photo. This photo will maximize the use of the space that is provided for such purposes on Facebook. For the photo, you should ensure that you include the pictures of your brands and, if possible, include links to your website or You Tube. You may also add other important URLs if you so wish.

Tell Fans Your Story: let all the people know who you are and what your business deals in, where it can be found and possibly its ranking. You should give brief but comprehensive information about what you intend to promote or sell.

Link Your Posts to Blogs: this is sure way of increasing fans. If you post something, you should direct the readers to your blog for further information on the subject matter of the discussion.

Give Your Fans Special Offers: you can create gifts, discounts and offers for the persons who like your fan page on Facebook. To do this you should be aware of how to use the Facebook Reveal tab. If you do not know how to use this tab, you can research on the internet to get more information.

Ask Your Fans To Invite Their Friends: ask those who like your Facebook fan page to request their friends to do likewise. If you manage to get fans that have many other fans then you will build a lot of fans within a very short time.

Link to Other Social Media: most Facebook applications allow users to connect easily to You Tube and Twitter and you can use this to make a lot of fans in no time. This will enable all your fans to get adequate and one-on-one information about you and your company.

Create And Add Polls: the creation of questions with choices in which fans are required to vote provides a very simple and easy interaction with all your fans. You can conduct polls on your products or about well-known celebrities and global hot topics.

Engage Your Fans to Talk About Your Products: it is very important and good to let your fans state how they feel about your products. Ask them if they are satisfied with your products, and what they would like to see improved.

Adding of Flickr Stream: Flickr is a photo sharing site and you can add and link photos about recent events or recently launched products of your company and let your fans comment on them.