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Self SEO - What and How To Do

SEO has always been a field of tough competition and deep interest amongst the netizen, especially webmasters. Today, I will let you in to my biggest SEO secrets related to Technology blogs. One top secret of SEO is the content. And I always prefer it in a compiled manner, point-wise. So here is Chinmoy’s SEO Guide to success.
  • Choosing a good domain (Applicable if you do not have a domain yet)
  • your domain will reflect your website content and your niche. Keep it relevant.
  • Check over at for availability of your desired domain. Also look at the typo-domains. If they are huge in number with good ranks ,opt out. Chose a different domain.
  • If your domain is available, check for competition in your niche with similar domain names.
  • Keep your domain name easy to remember and avoid any break-up words. Try to keep it a single word.
  • Choosing a good hosting provider
  • Your server can make and break your website. If you chose a slow server, you will either have a low visitor count or a high bounce rate.
  • A fast server offers faster page-loads on server-sided scripts. Chose a fast server to keep a continuous inflow of visitors and aiming for a rise.
  • Visitors remember slower sites, they are reluctant to return-visit slow pages.
  • Choosing a good design
  • A professionaly designed website attracts visitors in huge numbers. Get a professional design and look. Make sure you mean what you claim in your niche.
  • Check for broken designs and browser optimized design. Make sure your design is compatible with most web browsers. Check the css for broken tables or disjunctions.
  • SEO on a light coloured theme is relatively easy. Also, make use of colours wisely. Keep your website soothing to the eye.

Your readers may come from all sections and ages, but you need to target a specific age group. This needs interaction with your fellow netizen and that needs buildig a strong social profile and online presence to promote your website. From this point onwards, I will focus on technology blogs.

  • Link building through link exchange
  • Link building is an important strategy to get noticed from search engines and from visitors on other site.
  • the more you are linked from various sites on the internet, the more you get noticed, the faster search engines index your site, the faster you are in competition with fellow keywords.
  • As you get into link exchange with related sites, you get a share of their visitors. This increases your pageviews.
  • With quality links from reputed sites, you get a boost in PR, increasing your google rank, which is a marker of site content quality.
  • The Content
  • Everything fails without the content. A blog or a site without quality content is like a car without oil. You can only get it so far with pushing.
  • Regular content will keep search engines busy on your site, gettting you indexed faster.
  • If you apply all the other methods without any content, you will have high bounce rates combined with high visits, which is a negative marker.
  • Keep your content comprehensive and make proper use of keywords in the content. The content can be of any length, but make sure it never at one point loses it’s focus on the topic.
  • Check for the readibility and various aspects of the content at . It helps improve the content.
  • Chose proper keywords. Check for rising trends in google, yahoo and use the keywords. Also check for keyword optimization at google keyword analysis tool and keep optimized content for appearing in top searches and for adsense optimization(covered later).
  • Keep your content in a presentable manner.Use points to make your statement. People are more interested by five point lists nowadays.
  • Keep your final verdict on the research you made on the topic, it not only reflects your hard work, but also your knowledge on the topic.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social bookmarking has become very famous in SEO. Social sites like Digg, Stumbleupon alone have sent me hundreds of hits in a single day.
  • Keep your social profile on social bookmarking sites active and get a huge number of friends, this ensures your blog gets through social bookmarking networks and once it is in it starts travelling seeking you more audience, more visitors and higher ranks.
  • Social bookmarking sites are also constantly crawled by serch engines, so posting content to them also gets you indexed faster, as the bookmarking sites have a good pagerakn, you get a share of the PR too.
  • Sometimes, social bookmarks become more famous than the original URL to the post. Even then, it gets you search traffic in an indirect way.
  • Directory Submission
  • Directory submissions are a sure way of getting listed in search faster. Directories are used by search-engines to crawl sites. The more you are present in directories, better are your chances of getting listed in search results.
  • Directories also offer god PR. So, if you want a good PR, a directory service is the best as they do not ask for link back, and submission to them is free. One way back-links are much more valuable than 2-way link exchanges.
  • Writing Guest Posts
  • Writing guest posts on reputed sites gets you recognized as a valuable contributor, and gets you indirect traffic to your blog. It also identifies your content quality as valuable and helps build a strong online presence.
  • With guest posts, you also get a huge following of readers who are directed to your site, as traffic swarms.
  • Commenting on other sites(Blogs)
  • Commenting on other blogs can get you visitors as well.Always be the first one to comment on other reputed blogs. That way, follow-up comments are interested in you and visit your site.
  • Some blogs and sites allow dofollow on the comments. That way, you get a share of their PR as a one way link!
  • Commenting on other blogs also gets your blog in focus, and you get back comments on your posts, thereby getting popularity on posts.
  • Using BB Forums
  • Forums are a great place to advertise your blog. With forums, you can reach thousands of audience with a slight effort.
  • Join a forum from you niche, create a good presence in it.
  • Speak about you initiative, your blog.
  • Get users on the forum to comment and post on your blog, host contests and giveaway gifts.
  • Using microblogging
  • Microblogging is another sphere which can get you numerous visitors in a few days. With microblogging services frm twitter, stumbleupon and others, your blog can reach a new level of SEO. Use it wisely, get a good progile and follow more to get followed.
  • Optimizations
  • Make sure your site is fst enought to handle all the load that is goind to get onto it as a result of this optimizations. Keep your javascript safe for safety on client side.
  • Keep your server sided scripts optimized for faster serving of pages.
  • Keep your database optimized for faster data retrival.
  • Do not plan to host all the data on your server. Keep files like images and videos on a CDN(content delivery network) That will decrease load on your server.
  • Things to do when not blogging
  • Spread the word, really helps if you are in a company or a college. Spread the word. Let your blog be known. That way, you will get a new stream of local visitors, who keep visiting back out of curiosity.
  • Fire up a technical discussion when amongst friends, quote lines from your blog, refer to your posts.

That is all you need to do to get an optimized site, so that next time you get a visitor, he sticks around for quite some time. Blogging is a big addiction and an even bigger knowledge resource. Make use of it if you have it in you.