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Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

The term “Guaranteed search engine optimization” has become a taboo in the online SEO world. As we all know, it is not possible for anyone to guarantee top # 1 SEO results on Google, Yahoo or any other search engines.

In order to make your website accessible to search engines users who have to ensure that your website is ranking near the top results for your targeted keywords.

Everybody knows the importance of top page SEO rankings and how it can help to generate more sales, queries and leads for your business. You must also ensure that keywords for which you are optimizing your website truly reflect your business services/products. There are several business owners who wish to hire only “guaranteed” SEO service companies.

Is it possible to hire guaranteed SEO?
If any SEO company offers you guaranteed #1 rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing then you must never hire these SEO companies. Nobody can guarantee #1 rankings on Google. If you still believe that you can avail guaranteed SEO services then you must watch this video below by Matt Cutts from Google:-

Still, you might spot several SEO Companies offering guaranteed SEO rankings, but most of these companies might not be able to deliver guaranteed search engine placements/results.

How can I hire Guaranteed SEO ?
There are situations where you know that higher rankings can be achieved. Take for example, if your website is ranking on page 2 and you want your website to rank on top page 1, then you should ask following questions from SEO companies offering guaranteed SEO services:-

a) Can you offer a refund if you fail to deliver “Guaranteed” SEO services - In case your SEO Company does not bother to offer any refund then you must not go ahead with these SEO companies. You can sign a contract mentioning this clause. You can only guarantee SEO services if your SEO company agrees to refund your money in case “guaranteed results” are not achieved.

b) How soon can I expect to see “Guaranteed” SEO results - If any website is ranking at position #8 on top page 1 and client is planning to achieve top # 5 position then you must get an exact timeline from your SEO Firm.

c) Speak with their live/existing clients - If you are serious about guaranteed SEO then we would recommend you to speak directly (or email live/existing) with the clients of Search engine optimization services company you are planning to hire.

As per the latest trend in search engine optimization industry and changing algorithms of different search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, nobody can guarantee top # 1 Search engine rankings. However, following these basic guidelines you can make sure that “SEO services” you get from your SEO company is “Guaranteed”.