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Online Marketing - Why You Need to Understand

Whether you’re an established offline business or are just starting up online, you need to have a clear understanding of your market. It’s not like building a store in the real world, where your competitors are usually defined by geographical location. On the Internet, there are no boundaries or borders. Customers can get their goods and services from anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Therefore if you are going to stumble in blindly to a saturated market without any sense of what you’re looking to achieve, failure is the only likely outcome. Let’s say I want to create a new poker site. As you’re probably well aware, there is a massive online gambling industry in the UK. Huge companies compete for lucrative rankings in Google – often propped up by offline campaigns, display advertising and affiliates.

So if I want to start to make a dent in the poker market I need to be reasonably savvy in a number of online marketing strategies. SEO alone probably won’t deliver the results that I need.

This is a mistake that a lot of companies make unfortunately. By putting all their eggs in one basket, they miss out on vital traffic sources. Remember particularly that SEO can take some time to take effect too, so if you want to start getting punters through your virtual doors immediately, alternative avenues are essential.

You will also need to establish the keywords you’re going to target. If it’s going to be straight up ‘online poker’ and other generic short tail terms, you can expect to enjoy a top 100 Google ranking, if you’re lucky. A new site simply can’t compete with an established one. You will have no authority, very few links and zero domain age, all of which means that ranking is next to impossible – initially at least.

You need a niche. More importantly though, you need to make sure you target it effectively. Moving away from the poker analogy, this is true of almost any new online business. You can’t hope to lock horns with companies who are well established and have a solid client base and site authority. What you need to do is create a groundswell of interest amongst your target audience. Forget getting everyone and anyone to visit your site, make sure you’re getting those who are most likely to convert first and foremost.

This means that you advertise where they’re looking. So whether that’s honing your long-tail keyword targeting, developing a strong PPC campaign, creating a social networking profile or PPC advertising, your resources need to be distributed sensibly and effectively. This will be made much easier if you take the time to access the market, customer-base and how best to advertise your business. Leaving your success to chance will probably do more to ensure that your ambitions are never fulfilled more than anything else.